Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Whole World. My Whole Heart.

Best Buds

I love these two...most days. They make me laugh and cry, and so thankful to be their mom. They are two peas in a pod, but couldn't be more different from each other, other than the fact that they're both determined little boys; that they have in common and maybe that's what brings them together. They love playing together, and when things go south they are so quick to forgive and forget and get back to what they were doing.

I Got One!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Midway Ice Castles

The boys filled up their marble jar again, so we decided to take them to the ice castles up in Midway. They were super excited about it because I showed them a video of the slides in the castles. This is their last joint marble jar reward. They now have separate jars they have to fill to earn a toy that Stephen and I bought. We have them for display so they can see and be reminded of what they can earn. I hope this works really well. They have been really struggling with obedience lately, so I'm crossing my fingers.

We almost died on our way up to the resort. We were about two miles away in a really dark area going 50 mph when a deer jumped in front of the car. Stephen narrowly missed it by a few inches by slamming on the brakes and swerving to the side of the road. My stomach was in my throat for the next minute and half. I thought we and deer were goners.

The ice castles were pretty cool this year. They were twice as big as when Stephen and I went last, and they had a lot more slides. We missed having big open caves to walk into though. But the formations were beautiful and they even had Olaf and Elsa visiting which the boys didn't like very well. Zander gets super shy so he didn't even want to go near them or talk to them. He just waved and talked about them from a distance.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hannah Update

This babe turned five months old today! She slept for 14 straight hours last night; a new record! She is such a chunk and a light to our family. Hannah had her four month check up last month and is above average for everything. She was 79th percentile for weight at 15.13 lbs and 71st percentile for height at 25 inches. She usually only talks when she is alone, and has only rolled over a couple of times without me seeing it. Hannah has started eating solids and likes to eat those more than drink from a bottle at times. She is so easy going and laughs at almost anything. Her big brothers love helping and playing with her everyday. She slams her legs down all. the. time. And you can hear it wherever you are in the house including the basement. That's usually how she puts herself to sleep. She likes to play with her toys, and loves to gently be tossed in the air. She is growing up so fast like they all do, and we have been enjoying every second of it!

Highlights of 2017

This was a really busy year for us, but it was filled with lots of fun, laughter, and a few tears. We left our first house and lots of great friends and found some new ones. We added another Washburn to our family as well. Working to sell our house, buying a new one, moving, and having a baby took up the majority of our year, but we had some fun adventures and look forward to all the new adventures this new year will bring.


We took a family trip to Moab to Arches National Park

We found out we were having a girl!

Stephen and I got to take a trip with most of my siblings to Logan for a few days without kids

We finished working on our house and sold it within 24 hours!

Lucas turned 2

Stephen received 2 awards for work. The U.S. Attorney's award and the IRS in Excellence award 

We had a Lynn Pettingill reunion in Elba

We moved into our new house

We had a Roberts family reunion

Hannah was born

Had a Kerry Pettingill reunion (that I missed)

Bear Lake with the Washburns (that I missed)

Hannah was blessed by her dad

Scott and Sydney were married

Zander turned 4

Hannah got to meet her great grandpa Pettingill

Zander started tumbling

Sea Quest

During our Christmas break we took a trip to the Sea Quest Aquarium at the mall. It was smaller than the one we're used to going to, but it was really neat because the kids were able to touch and feed whatever they wanted. Hannah was such a trooper and did really well, and the boys had a great time exploring and looking at all the animals.

 Right in the middle of the Reptile room was a little pen with fuzzy chickens in it. They were pretty cute.

 The boys got the feed the iguanas. There was a huge mass of them laying all on top of each other. It looked kinda gross, but I'm sure they were just trying to keep each other warm. They got to feed them lettuce leaves and pet them.

 This tank had tiny fish in it that would come and eat all the dead skin off your hands and make them all nice and clean. Stephen joined in that one and they suck their hands in there for a while, while the fish went to town.
 I sat down to rest and feed Hannah for a few minutes while the boys went to look in the shark tank. Zander had run off for a minute, so Stephen went to find him leaving Lucas at the tank by himself as I watched him from a distance. Lucas looked around, then dunked his face in the shark tank and started lapping up the water to get a drink! Some guy saw him as Stephen was coming back with Zander and asked if that was his kid and told him Lucas had been drinking the water. After Stephen got him down Lucas continued to dip his hands in the water and lick the water off his hands all the while saying, "Mmmmm!"

They also got to feed the sting rays, and pet a big tortoise that was roaming free around the aquarium. Afterward we got hot dog on a stick for dinner and headed home.