Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 18, 2018

Lucas Turned 3!

Lucas has been asking for a BB8 cake for his birthday for months. I've never made one like this, and I ran out of time to decorate it because it was a very busy day that day, but I thought it turned out cute and Lucas loved it and that's all that matters. He wore his birthday boy button all day while we ran errands and loved getting all the attention. I think he looks more and more like Zander all the time.

Happy Birthday Lucas! You are definitely a sour patch kid in that you are so sour and naughty one minute and the next you're as sweet as can be. We love your hugs, and the laughter that fills our home because of the way you tease and make jokes. You love everyone and make friends easily. You are helpful and thoughtful, and so forgiving of others. We are so blessed to have you in our family.

Friday, May 18, 2018

No More Headbands

I couldn't pass these up. Hannah will not leave any of her headbands on anymore, and I was hoping to use this outfit for family pictures, but its just too hot for her to wear long sleeves and rayon pants so I had to take these pictures today.


 This girl started army crawling while we were in Vegas. She tends to get herself stuck quite a bit, and she's getting to be really fast. She follows me everywhere from room to room.
Lucas finally got himself a new bike for completing his potty chart. He got to pick it out and his helmet. Now if only he knew how to ride it...

I just adore these kids. We've been having fun in the nice spring weather lately. Hannah got her two front teeth and loves doing whatever everyone else is doing. The boys love to play with her all the time--sometimes a little too much, but I am grateful for the relationship they have with one another.

Mother's Day

I love being a mom. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing the smiling faces of my children. Zander and Lucas drew me pictures and Stephen stayed home from work one day to so I could go out for craft day and spend time with my family for the weekend. He also made me a big, raw pancake with strawberries and whipped cream on it for breakfast, and hamburgers and tater tots for dinner. Thanks babe! All I needed was to hear how much I am appreciated and loved. Being a mother is hard work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Vegas Trip

Stephen and I got to go to Las Vegas for four days last month without kids! Mom and Dad took our kids for us for an entire week, so Stephen and I could spend some quality time together. We had a great trip. I loved the drive down there because we were able to talk without interruptions. We held hands as we walked the strip the night, and laughed and ate and talked some more the whole week.
We went to Excalibur to watch the tournament of kings while we chowed down on Cornish game hen, potatoes, and a head of broccoli. It was a fun night; a little cheesy, but entertaining nonetheless. We went to some of the shops on the strip until our feet got tired and we turned around to go back to our hotel.
The next day we had to spend our morning listen to a travel agent trying to get us to buy a timeshare...for three hours. We tried to get out as fast as we could, so we could enjoy the rest of our trip. We did some shopping then had dinner at one of the buffets at the Mirage. After we stuffed ourselves we saw Terry Fader and he was A-MAZING! So funny and so talented.

 We went to the wax museum and I can't lie, it wasn't as cool as I remembered it being over a decade ago. I guess it was because they had celebrities in there I didn't care to see, but we got to see a short 4-D Marvel movie before we left.

We took a break from the world and did a session at the temple on Wednesday morning. What a breath of fresh air that was. It literally felt like time had stopped and everything was in slow motion when we were inside the temple. I am so grateful we were able to go and visit a new temple and spend that sacred time together.

 We had a lot of good food. Stephen took me to this really good Korean BBQ place where we stuffed ourselves again.

We visited Scott and Sydney on our way home Thursday afternoon; it was fun to see where they lived. We went out on a date Friday and Saturday for dinner and a movie. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon.

 We brought home some surprises for the kids (or as they like to put it, Kaprises) They got robes, and M&M fans, long gummy snakes from the candy store, and Hannah got a cute little outfit. I was excited to have them back after a week; I missed them.

Monday, April 9, 2018

I Love to See the Temple

This past weekend we took our family to the Jordan River temple open house. It was only supposed to take about an hour for the tour....it took us over an hour just to get inside the temple. It was a cold, rainy day and no one except me and Hannah had coats on. we had to walk a quarter mile down the street to the church to get shuttled to another church to watch a 10 minute video, then stand in a long zig zagging line outside of the church just to get inside the temple doors. Thank goodness it had stopped raining by then, but I tried to keep Lucas entertained by having him hop over the parking lines and he ended up falling and getting his clothes all muddy. No big deal. We got inside the temple and I attempted to show the boys the different rooms and paintings and explain what they all were. We saw the baptismal font, brides room, sealing room which we got to inside of and show the boys the alter and the mirrors, and the celestial room. I think they enjoyed it,but it took way longer than we expected so I think they might have gotten a little bored and antsy to go to Rachel's house afterwards. I had Hannah strapped to me in the front so she was content on being held and sucked on my coat hood string the whole time. She never made a sound.

The boys loved the bus ride to and from the parking lots. I asked the boys what their favorite part of the temple was and Zander said the Jesus statue, the chairs and stairs, and the Angel Moroni. Lucas said the flowers were his favorite. Even though it didn't quite turn out as we had planned I still feel that it was a special experience for everyone and you could still feel the spirit through all the hustling and noise.