Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Give Me Cake!

This boy is ALWAYS asking for candy and treats. He is right there whenever me or Dad are in the kitchen. He has such a big sweet tooth. He loves licking the beaters....and then some. We just happen to be making cake this time.

My Hero

Scott and Sydney's Wedding

Thank you Scott for giving us all an excuse to get together and hang out for a weekend; it was so much fun! First, Becky flew in on Halloween night to stay the week with me. Mom came the next day so we had some fun shopping. The best part was having Stephen watch the kids so we could go out almost kid-free since Ezra was with us. We found some good stuff! Most of my siblings stays with us at our house after the wedding. I was so excited to host, and hope to do it more often.

Then came the wedding. I love weddings; even on tv whether they are real or fake. I love watching the bride come down the isle and see the look on the grooms face as she finally makes it into his arms. It makes me teary eyed sometimes. Sydney looked gorgeous in her simple yet elegant white gown. Scott looked so handsome in his maroon Woolen Mill tie, and happy as could be. I love having family gatherings especially when we can all be together because that doesn't happen too often anymore.

 Weddings are about the only place you can get away with wearing the same dress, so we took advantage.
 It's also a great time and place to get a family photo.

The ceremony was short and sweet, then we had three more hours to kill before the reception started. So we cranked up the music and played musical chairs. Then everyone got to dancing doing the Hokey Pokey, Bunny Hop, and a conga line. There was lots of food, fun, and laughter. While we were inside enjoying ourselves Joseph and his family and a few others were outside "decorating" Scott and Sydney's car. They put confetti in the vents, oreos all over the car inside and out, lipstick on the windows, dog food on the hood of the car and finally saran wrapped the whole thing.

I'm not sure who or how this photo was taken, but I just think my sister is so pretty and dainty.

Fall Fun and Halloween

This is the first time the boys have ever raked and played in a leaf pile. We didn't have any trees at our old house, so Zander and Lucas were pretty excited to help dad rake and clean up the yard.

 Playing Halloween Bingo. It was a huge hit!
 We made mummy dogs and drank blood for dinner while dad was away for work for a few days.

 We've got a 3 year old storm trooper, a 2 year old spider man, and a 2 month old bumble bee

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


We took the boys to the zoo while mom and dad were visiting for Hannah's blessing. They had "bugzillas" all over the park, so there were giant bugs of every kind all over that moved and that the kids could climb on and learn about.

 Stephen bought himself a set of golf clubs to go golfing the one time a year that his office has a tournament. Good lookin guy!
 Brad and Heather recently visited, so we took them to Wheeler Farm out by our old house. The kids loved getting to feed the horses...even though they weren't supposed to. Oops.

 My loves.
Lucas was nice and gave Hannah his baby and blanket to keep her warm.

 I can't get enough of this cute girl! Everywhere I go I get compliments of how beautiful she is. Indeed! She is starting to laugh and smile more and more every day. She is two months old and weighs 11.11 lbs. She is in the 75th percentile in all categories, so she's above average. She lights up the whole room when she is present. We are so glad to have her!

We took the boys to Black Island Farms for FHE this week. Their favorite thing were the slides. They couldn't get enough of them. they had lots of different slides and straw mountains to climb up and through. There was a corn pit, animals to pet, food, pumpkins, and the corn maze. Zander really wanted to do the maze, but it was really big and getting late. I didn't want to take the whole family inside the maze only to get lost, so we'll have to do that another time. There were also a lot of mosquitoes. Being right next to the lake has its downsides, so next time we'll bring bug repellent too.